New Jersey Tax Debt Resolution

Resolving Burdensome and Stressful Tax Debts

Steven Taieb Law Bankruptcy Attorney Mount Laurel NJGoing to a bankruptcy mill where cases are churned out in large quantities denies you not only personalized service, but also presents the opportunity for misguided advice. Many of those firms will claim that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing will not help with tax debts. This is not true. At Taieb Law, we have helped residents throughout New Jersey discharge and reorganize their past-due tax obligations.

You can even the odds against you when dealing with the IRS and state tax collectors. Contact attorney Steven N. Taieb at our Mount Laurel office by calling 856.235.4994.

Take Control of Out of Control Tax Debts

The IRS has the power to levy your bank accounts, place a lien on your property and garnish your wages if you have past-due tax debts. If this has happened to you, it probably feels as if you have no other options but to accept their consequences and try to get out from under that burdensome debt on your own.

At Taieb Law, we can help you with pressure from the IRS by asserting your right to Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Once the petition is filed, levies, wage garnishments and liens from old tax debts cease. The IRS is forced to come to the table and negotiate a resolution with you. With one legal action, you can take control of your tax debts.

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