How A Bankruptcy Filing Can Help You

Put an Immediate End to Harassing Phone Calls and Letters

Helpful Information from Southern New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Steven Taieb

When you are struggling to meet your financial obligations, ordinary events in your daily life can invoke a sense of dread. You may jump every time the phone rings, worried that it will be one of your creditors trying to strong-arm you into making promises that you can’t keep. You may get a feeling of nausea in the pit of your stomach whenever you go to the mailbox, fearing that you will have another threatening letter from a creditor.

Steven Taieb Law Bankruptcy Attorney Mount Laurel NJAt Taieb Law, we understand how you feel. We have worked closely with individuals facing financial challenges for more than 26 years. Attorney Taieb is one of only six attorneys in the state of New Jersey who is board certified in consumer bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification. He is also the author of the financial management book The Debt Trap: How Your Life Choices Impact on Your Financial Future.

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The Immediate Benefits of a Personal Bankruptcy Filing

When you file a petition for protection under the bankruptcy laws, whether you seek to permanently discharge debt under Chapter 7 or you want to reorganize your obligations under Chapter 13, an automatic stay immediately goes into effect upon filing. The automatic stay prohibits your creditors from sending you mailings, calling you on the phone or making any other attempt to collect a debt other than through the bankruptcy proceeding. Please contact a bankruptcy attorney if you have previously filed bankruptcy to discuss legal issues involving the automatic stay.

If a creditor has filed a lawsuit, any action in the lawsuit is suspended until the bankruptcy proceeding is finalized. This applies to foreclosure proceedings, repossession efforts, garnishment proceedings and even attempts to obtain a judgment against you. Even if a creditor has a judgment against you, no further action can be taken to enforce the judgment until the bankruptcy is final.

The automatic stay stops all creditor harassment, allowing you to relax while you put your finances in order in most circumstances.

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