Who to Trust With Bankruptcy When YOU Have Financial Problems?

Who to Trust With Bankruptcy When YOU Have Financial Problems?


Find the best bankruptcy lawyer to trust when you have financial problems

Mount-Laurel-New-Jersey-Bankruptcy-Client-HandshakeSteven N. Taieb, Esquire is still amazed when he meets with clients who pay over $2,000 per month to a service that they found on the internet.

Most of these companies are not regulated at all and you are unable to reach them by mail. However, clients have trusted major financial issues with a company where they never met the person and give them access to their bank accounts.

Unfortunately, many of these clients learn that these internet companies won’t help them at all when a lawsuit occurs. Also, they take a large chunk of the upfront payment for their fees with only a small portion ever paying the credit card bills, which they are behind.

Don’t make bankruptcy mistakes when you’re the one who gets hurt if things go bad

When you are overwhelmed with debt and suffering from financial stress, anxiety and depression, you don’t want to deal with some faceless entity that has control of your bank account that you can never reach for support, guidance, encouragement or an analysis of how they are dealing with your financial problems.

Financial stress and bankruptcy is a major issue. It causes depression, anxiety, sleep problems, plus medical problems, which can have a major impact on your health. Anybody who relies on some faceless internet company to deal with their financial problems is creating a very serious situation for themselves, which can even make things worse. In an already bad situation you don’t want to set up your debt reorganization to a faceless entity that you have never met or seen.

If you are facing financial problems, you need to contact TAIEBLAW at 856-235-4994 to sit with you and discuss your options and to help you take a universal approach with all your creditors. You want someone who is there for you in this very stressful time in your life.

Steven N. Taieb, Esq. is here to help you and is a South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney who has helped over 7000 people with their financial problems for the past 32 years and is board certified in consumer bankruptcy law by The American Board of Certification which is accredited by The American Bar Association.

We are more than happy to discuss all your options and to see if bankruptcy is the best option for you.


Author: Taieb Law Bankruptcy News

Steven N. Taieb began practicing bankruptcy law in 1985. As personal relationships are paramount to him, he helps you develop a short-term and long-term strategy for dealing with your financial matters by working with clients and identifying their specific needs in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filings. This detail-oriented planning not only alleviates your debt burden, but also focuses on a stress-free, post-bankruptcy financial future.