Handling Financial Stress and Depression Due to Constant Creditor Harassment

Handling Financial Stress and Depression Due to Constant Creditor Harassment


Overcoming Financial Stress & Depression From Debt, Creditors and Bankruptcy

When you are overwhelmed with financial stress (financial debt), it causes severe emotional and medical problems. Many of Mr. Steven Taieb’s clients are literally paralyzed with fear and no longer able to focus. They lose sleep and are in a constant state of worry and/or denial. They receive mail and refuse to even open it.

A typical example is a foreclosure process. In the State of New Jersey, this can take several months. Many people who have contacted Mr. Taieb don’t even know the date their home is scheduled for sheriff sale, since they have just refused to open mail and assume it is all a bad dream that would go away. However, by doing nothing, things only get worse.

Get the bankruptcy help you need

struggling-bankruptcy-clients-paying-their-billsWhen you are in this situation, don’t you want somebody who has helped people for 32 years and will help bring back sanity to your life since you are under such incredible stress? You need a lawyer like Steven N. Taieb, Esquire who is caring and compassionate and is truly concerned with helping clients who want to be helped. Unfortunately, some people only use the process as a delay tactic, which is truly unethical, and refuse to follow their lawyer’s advice.

However, if you are really sincere about having the bankruptcy process help you, you need a lawyer who will truly advise you and not promise you totally unrealistic expectations that are set for Hollywood movies. Mr. Taieb also has people who he helped over 20 years ago come back because of his caring, integrity and dedication to his clients.

Don’t be just another number in a random bankruptcy office

Avoid placing yourself in an even more challenging situation and get the professional assistance you need. The last thing you want to deal with is to just be a number in a law firm where the lawyer only returns your calls when he or she feels like it. You should work with somebody who understands and can empathize with you.

You need and want a law firm like TAIEBLAW to help you.

Steven N. Taieb, Esq. is here to help you and is a South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney who has helped over 7000 people with their financial problems for the past 32 years and is board certified in consumer bankruptcy law by The American Board of Certification which is accredited by The American Bar Association.

We are more than happy to discuss all your options and to see if bankruptcy is the best option for you.


Author: Taieb Law Bankruptcy News

Steven N. Taieb began practicing bankruptcy law in 1985. As personal relationships are paramount to him, he helps you develop a short-term and long-term strategy for dealing with your financial matters by working with clients and identifying their specific needs in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filings. This detail-oriented planning not only alleviates your debt burden, but also focuses on a stress-free, post-bankruptcy financial future.