Is Cost The Most Important Factor In Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Is Cost The Most Important Factor In Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer?


The first question asked by so many debtors who are interested in filing bankruptcy is the following… How much is your Fee?

Of course, fee is important, but when you are dealing with such a stressful time in your life, when you are paralyzed by debt, foreclosure, repossession or any other thing that is threatening your property, shouldn’t you want to ask: Who is qualified to really help me deal with this incredible financial stress in my life?

So many people who have contacted Steven Taieb over the years have been penny wise and pound foolish, since they will try to save a drop of money to start out with and then realize they have a lawyer that can never be found. After they pay the lawyer, the attorney is never available to answer their calls and will never take the time to explain any questions that they have.

Bankruptcy is not just filling out forms.

There are a lot of different things in the process to understand, since it can get very involved with the constant changes in the law and forms.

There is no such thing as a simple or standard bankruptcy case.

If you make a mistake in hiring the wrong lawyer there can be serious ramifications, since the law has many provisions that penalize YOU if you have had a pending bankruptcy dismissed within the last year. Thus, you want to get someone who knows what they are doing like TAIEBLAW.

What Matters Most To You?

If you had a medical problem, would you try to get the cheapest doctor to help you with your medical problem if your life was at stake? Do you want to risk losing your assets by picking someone who you may never hear from again or have a different lawyer every time you call?

You are under an incredible amount of stress and paralyzed with fear and anxiety. You want a lawyer who truly cares about you. At TAIEBLAW, our goal is to help people who are overwhelmed with financial stress and depression with very competitive rates. Also, once you pay us you will continually hear from us since we want to be there for your now and if you ever need us again in the future. We are also there to serve your friends, family and children.

TaiebLaw Matches Fees

steven-taieb-attorney-shaking-hands-with-client-post-bankruptcy-filingFinally, if you get something in writing which is less than our fee, we will match the other lawyer’s price. Now who would you choose if you are overwhelmed with financial stress, anxiety and depression to be your lawyer?

Steven N. Taieb, Esq. is here to help you and is a South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney who has helped over 7000 people with their financial problems for the past 32 years and is board certified in consumer bankruptcy law by The American Board of Certification which is accredited by The American Bar Association.

We are more than happy to discuss all your options and to see if bankruptcy is the best option for you.


Author: Taieb Law Bankruptcy News

Steven N. Taieb began practicing bankruptcy law in 1985. As personal relationships are paramount to him, he helps you develop a short-term and long-term strategy for dealing with your financial matters by working with clients and identifying their specific needs in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filings. This detail-oriented planning not only alleviates your debt burden, but also focuses on a stress-free, post-bankruptcy financial future.