Avoid Robbing Peter to Pay Paul | Get Bankruptcy Assistance

I AM GETTING OVERWHELMED BY TRYING TO CATCH UP WITH ALL MY BILLS. Unfortunately, many of Mr. Steven Taieb’s clients are in the habit of robbing Peter to pay Paul. They are constantly getting behind since they are trying to get on creditor off their back while dozens of other creditors are pursuing them. A […]

Are You Behind On Mortgage Payments, Truck Payments AND Being Sued?

I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN. I’M BEHIND ON MY MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, TRUCK PAYMENTS AND I AM BEING SUED BY MIDLAND FUNDING. WHAT CAN I DO? One of the most important concepts about bankruptcy is that it is enacted under Federal Law, plus it takes a UNIVERSAL approach to deal with your debt. Steven N. […]

Are You Overwhelmed With Student Loans and Taxes – And Behind on Your Mortgage?

I AM OVERWHELMED WITH STUDENT LOANS AND TAXES, PLUS I AM BEHIND ON MY MORTGAGE. WHAT CAN I DO? If you were not behind on your mortgage and didn’t want to save your home, you could probably do a Chapter 7, since student loans are non-dischargeable, plus income taxes, in a lot of cases, may […]

Overwhelmed With House & Medical Debt After Loss of Spouse

I TRIED TO SAVE MY HOME BUT MY HUSBAND JUST DIED AND I CAN’T AFFORD IT ANYMORE PLUS I AM OVERWHELMED WITH MEDICAL BILLS. WHAT CAN I DO? Steven N. Taieb, Esq. has dealt with many clients who have experienced very difficult hardships. However, loss of a spouse is not only an extremely emotional issue; […]


Many of Mr. Steven Taieb’s clients who don’t have their mortgage company escrow their taxes and homeowners insurance have fallen behind on their real estate taxes. Once the creditor obtains a tax sale certificate they can begin foreclosure within 2 years if the tax sale certificate has not been redeemed within two years. You are […]

My Home Is Underwater With a Second Mortgage. Here’s What YOU Can Do.

WHAT CAN I DO WHEN MY HOME IS UNDERWATER? TO MAKE THINGS WORSE I HAVE A SECOND MORTGAGE OF $80,000. Mr. Taieb has helped numerous clients with this problem. One couple actually had to file bankruptcy twice to strip a junior mortgage. In the second Chapter 13 the debtors were allowed to proceed since they […]