Chapter 13

Cannot Maintain Real Estate Taxes on Reverse Mortgage and Now Facing Foreclosure

I HAVE A REVERSE MORTGAGE BUT HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO MAINTAIN REAL ESTATE TAXES SINCE I LOST ONE SOURCE OF INCOME. NOW THE MORTGAGE COMPANY IS STARTING TO FORECLOSE. CAN YOU HELP ME. At TAIEBLAW, we have seen several senior citizens who have faced foreclosure on their property since they fell behind on real estate […]

Mortgage Company Started Foreclosure – So I Don’t Delay Filing Chapter 13?

IF THE MORTGAGE COMPANY STARTS FORECLOSURES, DON’T DELAY IN FILING CHAPTER 13? Many clients come to Mr. Taieb’s office and assume that since they are in the process of a loan modification the mortgage company will stop foreclosure. In certain cases the papers saying foreclosure will be delayed, but TAIEBLAW has seen too many potential […]

Overwhelmed by Outrageous Credit Card & Personal Loan Payments Each Month? We Can Help!

I AM OVERWHELMED WITH MAKING OUTRAGEOUS CREDIT CARD AND PERSONAL LOAN PAYMENTS EACH MONTH. CAN YOU HELP ME? Steven Taieb has seen so many clients who spent almost every penny they earn on making minimum payments on credit card debts and personal loans that they have no money left for food or prescriptions. To make […]